To provide hope & opportunities for individuals to pursue a healthy safe & substance free lifestyle. 

A 2nd Chance sober living, transitional housing provides residents with a safe, supportive environment based on the 12 steps of recovery.You will learn tools to a new way of living without the use of drugs or alcohol. We are child friendly. Overnight visits with children are allowed with pre- approval .We are not a religious program, rather a spiritual program. We will work with those that are indigent or homeless as long as they have a desire to remain clean & sober. We operate by the 12 steps of recovery & utilize peer support to break the chains of addiction.  Our goal is to give back that which was so freely given us in the rooms of AA. We realize that we can do together that which we could not do alone. We feel everyone deserves a 2nd chance.


      To eliminate substance abuse in our community.